Garfinkel Havdalah July 4th, 2015

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  • Erika

    SHABBAT AND PREPARATION DAY FOR ITI love the anticipation of and arairvl of entering into YHWH’s rest on Sabbath. It is when we take time to cease and spend time with YHWH. I feel the connection on the Sabbath with YHWH, and in the past when I missed gathering on the Sabbath, or personally observing it, I would feel a great loss. The following is what we do, on Preparation Day and throughout Shabbat:Thursday and or Friday is Preparation Day. ~Before Shabbat we all get clean, as in a shower or bath, like YHWH instructed the Israelites to do within two days before they approached the base of the mountain in the wilderness where he was to speak to them and gave them his loving instructions, the Torah.~We clean our clothing for the weekend and have it ready.~I prepare our Friday night evening meal for our family, and breakfast and lunch.~We use our china with crystal goblets and a nice, clean, table cloth. Shabbat~ Before sunset we light a candle so that even in winter it is ready early.~We make sure in the winter that our firewood is ready so that it is easy to put onto the already burning fire.~I boil eggs for breakfast and we either have a bowl of cereal or breakfast bars I have premade.~We open the meal as usual with the Baruk for the meal.~After dinner we read the Trienniel Cycle readings, and before the Brit Chadasha (NT) portion we have Martinelli’s or another sparkling bevarage of the fruit of the vine, and raising our goblets we say the Baruk for that. Shabbat Morning~ After breakfast in the morning of Shabbat we go a 40 minute drive to Bellingham to where our congregation meets.~We take prepared food for Oneg at Congregation Bet haShem where we began attending 8 years ago.~My husband is the new Congregational Leader there and I fill in where needed, and meet new people. We are meeting in a church building and so we don’t leave til after Shabbat is over and take down all that is up for the day, with much help.~Our service is as following: 10:30am 12:30pm BET KNESSET / the HOUSE of GATHERING *Open the service with the blowing of the shofar. *Do a Barachu (call to worship) *Shema (Declaration of Faith, Deuteronomy 6) Sing Vahavta You shall love the Lord your God *Read the Psalm for the week~Congregational time of sharing what YHWH has done or taught through the week.~Worship through song and Davidic dance~Call to Torah before reading the Word~Blessing of YHWH~ Worship through song and Hebrew Dance~Reading of the Word: Reading portions of The Torah (first 5 books of the OT) The Haftarah (the writings and the prophets, or the rest of the OT) The Brit Chadasha (Covenant Renewed, or New Testament)~Review of the readings by my husband or other appointed man in the congregation with thoughts of interest regarding them.~Torah Response (after reading the Word)~Priestly Blessing (in closing, Numbers 6)~ Singing of “Shabbat Shalom” and Shaking hands and greeting, and meeting people in the congregation. Usually we are finished bySome do Davidic dance before Oneg and before Havdalah.1pm Oneg:Next we go to the dining room for Oneg.2pm-3:30 or 4pm:We have Yeshiva. Studying the scriptures for the day more deeply.Sunset- end of Shabbat:~We usually do Havdalah to close the Shabbat day with those who remain. Separating Shabbat from the rest of the week.This is different than many of you do, and your days sound very relaxing. We all do it how we are directed so enjoy as he continues to grow you. I love how he is doing that with me.Sincerely, your sister in Yah,GeorgiaVA:F [1.9.22_1171](from 0 votes)

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