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R' Klatzko you are an incredible person. You've done once again, a new website to inspire and connect Jews around the world with the beauty of Torah. What a beautiful tribute to one of the greatest leaders who is so sorely missed, R' Dovid Winiarz Z"L. Thank you for always inspiring me and so many thousands of others!!
I first decided to become more religious during havdalah on my Meor trip to Israel. Now, four years later, after attending seminary, getting married, and moving to Queens, your havdalah broadcast reminded me of that original, amazing spark. Thank you so much!
Shavua Tov! Amazing is not the Word... Thank you Rabbi and to your whole family and Team for making me feel as though I was dancing right along with you all, G-d willing one day I will... Love you guys have a great week.

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On Friday evening, we sanctified the Shabbat with Kiddush; now, as we take leave of Shabbat, we once again pronounce the day’s holiness over a cup of wine.
The Havdalah ceremony is a multi-sensory ritual employing our faculties of speech and hearing, sight, smell and taste to define the boundaries that G-d set in creation “between the sacred and the everyday.”
Paradoxically, this act of separation is what connects Shabbat with the rest of the week. When the boundaries between the holy and the ordinary are blurred, the holy is no longer holy and the ordinary is left with nothing to uplift it. By defining the separation of Shabbat from the workday week, the relationship between the two is also established — a relationship in which Shabbat gives meaning and purpose to the rest of the week. And the week’s toil and work is sanctified with the goal of making the world a better and kinder place..


This website is dedicated to our dear beloved friend and Rebbe, Rabbi Dovid Winiarz, also known as the Facebuker Rebbe, who passed away tragically. Rabbi Winiarz stood tall and proud for the Torah way of life, with an optimistic and hopeful smile and comforting words to thousands. One of his last posts on Facebook was a video of the Klatzko Havdalah. May his eternal light continue to illuminate the world.

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