Jewish Routes Havdalah in Berlin May 30, 2015

Live from Berlin, Germany

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  • Loni

    Br. James, For many of us, like Samuel, we’re not exactly sure when we’re hrieang the Lord’s voice. I agree and as I read this, I thought of C.S. Lewis’s The Screwtape Letters. One of them advises that by creating so much noise, Wormwood can turn his target away from God because the target cannot hear God’s voice. For me, the noise CS Lewis wrote about in the 1940s is both literal and figurative. In 2012, literal noise is the constant din of technology and figurative noise is (as pointed out above) emotional blocks between God and I such as fear or my own ego.In my life, I experience God’s voice through the words (and writing) of others and in the silence of my heart. Writer Matthew Kelly suggests that 10 minutes of silence a day (not in prayer) is a way to cut out the noise. I just read this suggestion this weekend and want to try it out this week.Have a good week!†

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