Freedman Havdalah 6-13-15

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  • Tosay

    We are in fact in the midst of a world war, a war that will probably be more telrrbie and more challenging than both the Shoah and WWII combined. Now, as then, some of our worst enemies are God forbid Jews.Israel is a modern nation seriously threatened with total annihilation by an unrelenting enemy Islam that glorifies death and destruction. Islam has promised mercy toward us only if we convert to their belief. We did not start this war, but if we want to end it without losing our lives and our culture, we meaning both America and Israel had better get serious about fighting it on all levels, including the battle for minds and hearts. I see this little flick as akin to a single bullet in a huge battle insignificant in-and-of-itself, but potentially a complete game changer, if it can with God’s help find just the right target.Keep up the good work folks, and may the Source be with you.

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