Beyman Family New York Havdalah 4-18-15

Live from Monsey New York with Elisha Beyman on

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  • Khurshed

    On the subject of onegs cniusag conflicts, I know one MJAA-affiliated Messianic synagogue here in the Twin Cities hit that as well. Apparently, all kinds of people would show up not for the service, but just for the food. It caused a financial strain, such that they had to limit the oneg to members and service guests. (Not a great option, really, but that’s what they did.)Also, I know Beth Immanuel sabbath felloship, which is kind of the fore First Fruits of Zion congregation, probably also Judeo-Christian, has also had some oneg issues. Beth Immanuel is stringent in its kosher standards; they previously required all foods and drinks brought to oneg to have one of the various Orthodox Jewish kosher seals; but recently, I’m told, they stopped taking community contributions to the oneg, and just footed the whole Orthodox-approved meal themselves. (Second hand information here, Daniel or Aaron might correct me on this. I spoke to them both earlier last week, I should have asked them about it.)

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